Halong Bay is located in the North of Vietnam – only about 160km away from Hanoi Capital, equals to 3-hour drive, so Halong Bay’s weather is influenced directly by the weather and climate of the North. Some might argue that Halong Bay only has two seasons (rain and dry), we on the other hands are certain that Ha Long has 4 seasons ( spring, summer, autumn and winter). Let’s take a look at each of the season below so you could determine yourself when is the time of the year where you should or should not visit Halong Bay:

  • Spring: February to April

Beautiful time to visit Halong Bay, although the weather might be a bit cold and swimming activities won’t be appreciated by many; on the other hand, you could easily participate in different activities and excursions. With a nice, sunny and cool weather, maybe foggy at some point, Halong Bay will appear very Instagram-able. An extra benefit for travelling this season is that tourists at these points are scattered, so there will be many, but never too many, so it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy some space. For those who likes exploring and taking photos with loved ones, these months from February to April is absolutely recommended.

  • Summer: May to July

Watch out, this is the peak season for domestic travelers and travelers from Asian countries, so you will expect an influx of tourists during your excursions. During summer in Vietnam, the weather is usually not predictable, it could be sunny and raining all of a sudden, sometimes typhoons and grey clouds appear out of nowhere in the sky. If you’re unlucky, this could affect your booking in a way that all your excursions are off, or even your entire trip is cancelled due to bad weather. But on the upside, the weather in the summer is the most suitable to have water-based activities, like swimming, kayaking, having a refreshing cocktail on the sundeck,… If a budget is taken into account when planning your trip, note that travelling in the summer will have more financial benefits than in other seasons.

  • Autumn: August to November

Many find pleasures in traveling to Halong Bay in autumn. While it is considered to be the most beautiful season in Vietnam, some unfortunately due to work or school are unavailable to travel during this period. Note in mind that Halong Bay’s weather at this time is the most agreeable, not too hot, not too cold but rather warm, dry and sunny. The temperature is perfect for swimming, kayaking, excursions,… all in all a perfect season to travel to Halong Bay.

  • Winter: November to January

The peak season of Halong Bay. Although the weather is colder and you would need to pack some sweaters and coats when it comes to night time, at day time the weather is actually very suitable for travel. With many events at this time: Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve,… you will be in for a wonderful surprise, as to participate in Trick-or treating, receiving gifts from Santa, joining the Countdown with champagne on the top deck,… The weather is dry and a bit cold but it would definitely be nice to sit in and relax with a hot cup of coffee or tea, experience the cooking demonstration class, practice Taichi sessions, going on excursions,…